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Making a Spiritual Impact

Training might not always be easy, but when you have a core group of people who are together committed to push for transformation, it creates an amazing dynamic. I have found that each person develops amazing insights and applications through Spirit Life Training that open up new avenues of what is possible! There are times when we need other people to push us, challenge us and inspire us, even as we do so to them. This is just the way God made us, and this is also a creative expression of love to one another. Love pulls out the best of others, and through Spirit Life Training, we realize that the best is found in the treasure of our recreated spirit in Christ. When we know how to stimulate that capacity in others, the best we can pull out is supernatural in its potential. The scripture says that that ” the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.” (Rom.8:18) This does not just apply to leaving the earth and entering heaven, this also applies to our training here on earth. There is a pain in training, but when the glory is revealed at the same time, the pain seems to fade, in our thrill of discovery at how God is moving through us. Couch potatoes focus on the pain, but those who train are those whose experience of glory far eclipses any momentary pain. They realize pain in training is an important signpost right before breakthrough is reached.

If you can gather some people who can believe like this, you have done yourself one of the biggest favors you will ever receive. That is a powerful truth.

If there is a group of people who have started moving in this training together like this using Spirit Life Training- feel free to tell me your experiences, or put them in the comments section below.

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