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The New Creation and the Trap of Old Covenant Words and Concepts

The New Creation and the Trap of Old Covenant Words and Concepts

Words are important. Jesus said that ‘by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.’ This is especially true in terms of one’s salvation. In Romans 10:9 it says that one must believe in heart that Christ was raised from the dead AND confess Him as Lord with your mouth to be saved. Jesus said if you confess Him before men that He would confess you before the Father.

But we need to realize that the importance of what we say does not end with salvation- it also unlocks the New Creation nature of God that salvation installed within us! The tragedy is that many people do forget the power the tongue has afterwards. It can not only empower the New Creation, it can also paralyze it through speaking forth wrong concepts that do not agree with this new nature. Unfortunately there are many nice-sounding and popular traditions that have become tools of the enemy to actually trap the New Creation! We must understand, that if we are to believe that we are the New Creation that God promised, there are certain popular beliefs we cannot hold at the same time. Jesus did not give us resurrection life so that we would entomb it through our wrong traditions!

This message does not have time to deal with every traditional ‘sacred cow’ that tries to roadblock our New Creation realities, but it does deal with four of them-

  • Sin Consciousness
  • Begging God for an Open Heavens
  • Celebration of Weakness and Brokenness
  • Generational Curses and Inner Healing

At the same time, I reveal the benefits that God has put inside of us through the New Creation and the right words and concepts that will empower what God has done, is doing and will do in our lives. It is time to rise up and reject being seduced by nice sounding ‘christian’ concepts that are not congruent with the reality of who we really are. John 8:32 does not say that the truth sets us free, it says that the truth WE KNOW will set us free. During this message we were able to stir up these New Creation truths and a number of people were healed and set free during the time of prayer and proclamation.

The New Covenant and the Trap of Old Covenant Concepts and Words (mp3 download)
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One Response to "The New Creation and the Trap of Old Covenant Words and Concepts"

  • Iris Godfrey
    May 25, 2016 - 1:05 pm

    I have an interdenominational Bible Teaching Ministry in Syracuse, NY and am teaching the New Creation Covenant. I just downloaded the free MP3 – “The Core,” and look forward to hearing you. I found you as I was searching for something I could use graphically to for my book I am beginning called The New Creation Covenant, based on a course in our Institute of Biblical Studies I taught last Fall. I look forward to learning from you. Blessings.


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