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Spiritual Atmospheres: Understanding them and making them work for you

Spiritual Atmospheres- Can you recognize when they are affecting you?

It is so important to realize that we live in 2 worlds simultaneously here on earth. I am not talking about your everyday life and your digital life (?!), but I am referring to the natural world and the spiritual world. These are two worlds that are constantly colliding and impacting one another and we stand in the middle. This topic is so important for Spirit Life Training. In Spirit Life Training we understand our personal configuration- that we are a recreated spirit in Christ with dominion, we possess a soul with with different components in the mind, emotions and a powerful will, and also live in a body that is supposed to release the life of God into both the natural and spiritual world. Ok- now that is on a personal level, and it is important to know.

But what is not often recognized or emphasized is that there is a spiritual atmosphere surrounding you that will ‘push back’ at you –spirit, soul and body. Because people don’t recognize this, they will often internalize the struggle and paint themselves as the problem or source of the confusion, even though Ephesians 6 clearly states that our struggle is not with flesh and blood. Still, people don’t understand why some spiritual (and natural) actions are easier in some places than in others, and why certain thoughts hit them in some places and times and not others, why certain motivations and blockages arise in some places and not others… and I could go on and on. Because of this spiritual atmospheric phenomena, there can be a lot of unanswered questions!

And unfortunately because people are not trained to understand this, they will go one of two directions: First they will say everything is because a spiritual influence- everything is either God or the devil. Which isn’t true- some things are just people being people. And the second mistake is to assume that everything is because of the choices of people. Which isn’t true either- sometimes people and circumstances get caught up in spiritual crossfire (or blessing). So this is a topic that is worthy of sincere examination, and application for our everyday lives. Truly, understanding how spiritual atmospheres and environments can affect us, and we can affect them, will change so much about our minds, homes, work, church, community, and even nation(s).

I truly believe it is impossible to be effective as a minister (no matter what arena of life) without a good understanding of this topic. In fact I will make a shocking statement: The Word of God might not work without understanding and addressing the spiritual environment it is delivered into. Don’t be ignorant- yes, there are some environments where the Word of God is ineffective! But the good news is that there is a solution! God has given us the ability to change spiritual environments so that they are conducive to whatever God’s Word and Will is.

In this two-mp3 set, I have taken the time to define, give insight and strategies to recognize and deal with yourself and the spiritual environments that anyone will come in contact with. I believe this will help clear up confusion and give lots of ‘aha!’ moments! I had quite a few people talk to me afterwards (from all walks of life!) about how this message helped them recognize what happened at different points in their life, and how they knew what they needed to do to change the environment around them. Hope you enjoy it as well!

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