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How to Strengthen Yourself in the Lord

You are going to have to do it.

There are times in everyone’s life when you are going to need to know how to pull up the strength of God and resource yourself with the wellspring of life that God has made available to us.

It is wonderful to have people around us that encourage us. That hold up our arms in the battles of life. That put a sword in our hands and a smile on our faces. God always sends people our way, whether to us, or by us, that have strength for us. We are so thankful for this when this happens. This helps train us to do the same for others. Every joint in the Body of Christ is to supply life to the other parts.

But the facts are, there are times that what people can give, doesn’t quite hit the spot. Where you can’t get a cup of refreshing water from the hand of another believer, and you just need to take a dip straight into the River of God yourself. Sometimes it means spiritual life or death to you. Sometimes if you don’t get the strength you need at the moment you need it, it can take years to recover from the damage of being weak at a crucial time. This is the truth. Bitterness, depression, cynicism, lethargy, and even just general frustration are actually common side effects of low spiritual strength levels. Do you see how often people try to get by on low strength levels, and think that is an ok, fine and normal lifestyle?

When our strength is up, how we approach life is completely changed. This is why we are COMMANDED to ‘be strong in the Lord.’ He knows the difference that constant influxes of His strength will have in our life.

The Bible gives clear ways that we can tap into and pull up this supernatural strength. It is strength that you will never fail a drug test for, and will pull you through the toughest challenges with joy that can’t be quenched. Amazing. I just love the fact that we don’t have to barely scrape by with minimal endurance. We can actually be powerful. And happy. Continually.

This reality has really helped me at crucial times, and it is something we all need to be reminded of. For this reason I ministered on this topic recently, and is available for order below. It was a blessing to receive a lot of great feedback on how this message helped them that day, and stirred up things that they had forgotten.

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