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FAITH- A Manifesting Force

Faith- A Manifesting Force


In life, faith is an essential for victory. If you have not mastered the art of using faith, life is continually a pit of quicksand of circumstances that relentlessly drag you under them. All of heaven sorrows at this tragedy, as Jesus Christ came to give the believer the power to walk on the waters of the impossible, and command circumstances to serve the Kingdom of God.

1 John 5:4 says that faith is what causes us to overcome in any area of life. In fact, this verse goes as far to say that faith itself IS the victory, not just the cause of victory, that overcomes the world. Do you have victorious faith like this? How would you know?

This teaching delivers a view of the nature of faith that you may not have heard before concerning Hebrews 11:1. Many have told me that this message answers the questions they have had of why some things seem to come to pass half way, and not all the way. However, it will also give you the push you need to take it the rest of the way- through the Author and Finisher of our faith. Be prepared to be filled with a fresh confidence that your faith in God is strong, and know this tool will work for you in your life and others as well.

This CD/mp3 also includes a mass prayer and healing of the sick halfway through the message in order to demonstrate how this faith can operate.

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Faith and patience inherit the promises

Faith and the Twin Forces of Patience! hardcopy version

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