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‘Dimensions of Spiritual BreakThrough’ e-book

I have been asked to write a sequel to Spirit Life Training in the past, and I have been reluctant to do so because if most people would have their hands full with all the exercises in Spirit Life Training!  If people would just apply those exercises alone, they would be a long way down the road in a life of adventure with God.

However, it is true that there is so much more available to us in and through the Spirit. Because of this I took the time to put together a great supplementary e-book to detail out some of these abilities available to us through our spiritual nature and the Spirit of God. I really believe this will bless people, and give some direction for how to expect and express their faith for these dimensions of Spirit life to be experienced. If you don’t know something, how can you expect and believe for it? We will just be fumbling in the dark, and stumbling onto neat spiritual experiences by trial and error. I believe there is a better way, and this e-book can give some biblical direction for your expectation.

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This e-book is called Dimensions of Spiritual Breakthrough because there are a number of different dimensions of our spiritual potential that stay locked up behind walls of our ignorance, and lack of focus. These dimensions must be broken into by the conscious choice of our mind and spirit, and developed until they become a consistent flow in our lives. Here are some of them.

  • Continual God-Consciousness
  • Clarity of Vision and sharpness of spiritual discernment
  • Greater Perception
  • Increasing Your Spiritual Size and Capacity
  • Enlarging of Spiritual Strength and Voice
  • Added Buoyancy in Spirit and Conscious Dominion and Victory within

This e-book also comes with Challenge Questions to help you be able to keep track of your progress, and make this very personal to your everyday situations.

It is a great value for only a $5 download- and I believe this will help activate increased levels of effectiveness in your spiritual life, and even save you from some costly mistakes. (In this regard, I cannot overemphasize how important the dimension of God-consciousness is for our daily lives. It is truly a life-saver.)

If you would like to download this e-book, in a printable pdf form, please click the picture above, or the button below. (This version below is good for those who like to print out pages for personal study. If you want it in paperback- please click HERE or the picture below)  

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Spiritual Breakthrough

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