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The Twin Forces of Patience

The Twin Forces of Patience

I love to minister on the topic of faith. I consider it very difficult to overemphasize or over-preach the importance of faith in our daily lives as well as for our ultimate destiny. It is an exciting topic both to preach and to hear- as well as experience! When faith is preached- the atmosphere starts filling up with a sense of empowerment- “Anything is possible!” is on everyone’s mind- and they go out the door ready to conquer the world.

But unfortunately, many times reality slaps us all in the face. Instead of moving the mountain, the mountain grows larger and we end up groping in the darkness of its shadow. Doubt starts to choke the faith out of our hearts and minds. The questions start…”Did Jesus tell a lie? If not, what am I doing wrong?” Condemnation, insecurity, inferiority, and sometimes even cynicism creeps in. But it doesn’t have to be that way- Faith is still a world overcoming tool that God requires we use on a daily basis, but there is a handle to the sword of faith, and that handle is called patience. The patriarchs and apostles knew that it took faith AND patience to inherit the promises.

Unfortunately, when we think of patience, we have an inward groan because of how we define the concept of patience in the English language. We think of ‘waiting around until something happens’, or ‘waiting until the timing is right’. I want to let you know that this is NOT the concept of patience in the New Testament. Patience- as it is defined in the New Testament is not passive at all, but it is two active forces in the believers life. I did quite a bit of study on this one, and was amazed at how these two forces actually cement the Word of God into the believers life and cause the power of the Holy Spirit to rise up in the midst of contrary circumstances to move the mountain, and speak peace to the storms. Many times we have called it the working of faith, but when we look closer, we can see it is really these two forces of patience at work. Faith may get the credit for the work, but in actuality, it is these two forces behind the scenes that used the Word to get the result!

For me, it really helps to see how God is using the Word in the midst of circumstances in my life. This message threw light on every time I saw the words patience, perseverance, longsuffering (and a few other mistranslated words!) in the New Testament. I was able to see what God was doing, and how I was to cooperate with it, to see the Word manifested. The CD is now available, and with the order I will also send you the PowerPoint I used when I taught this, as well as a pdf of the important verses on patience in the NT, with the correct translation put in. Great resources for further study!

After you get a firm understanding of these twin forces, you will look at tribulations with a smile. You know what is going on, and what is going to happen.

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