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The Process of Truth

I am very excited about this latest book “The Process of Truth: the Ultimate Blueprint to Develop a Breakthrough Believer’s DNA.” I do believe this is one of the most important books I have released so far. It has been almost 15 years in the making! It was also the first message I released on this website.

Imagine a machine of sorts. This machine is your life. Imagine God dropping a life-changing, world transforming truth into the machine of your life, and the cogs start working and this download of truth is processed into your life, and that aspect of God’s DNA becomes manifested through you to demonstrate God’s goodness and glory.
God’s truth is not lacking- it is being dropped into our lives all the time. The problem has been that we do not process it effectively.  Truths that are not processed effectively often bring disappointment and disillusion with the power of God’s Word and His character.

I believe this book will become a solution to this issue that we all face. For leaders, new believers, parents, pastors etc- this tool will help each person see where someone is at in any particular truth, and give them insight where they are going in the process.

It is available for immediate download on Kindle and on demand shipment for a paperback copy.


I am so excited about this book- The potential for changing people’s lives is so far-reaching.

Again- Here is the link for Amazon, and here is the link for the hardcopy.

Process of Truth BookCover mock up


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