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New paperback versions available!


Finally these two books are ready and available as hard copies!

These two training devotionals are supplemental to Spirit Life Training, and if you liked the practical training that Spirit Life Training provides, you don’t want to miss these two books. They have been available via pdf version and Kindle version for a while now, but there have been a couple of things that were bothering me a bit. Although I love the portability of the digital versions, unless someone takes the time to print them out, a tendency can be to inadvertently let them be buried them in a digital folder, and the benefits of the exercises are never realized. It is the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ issue that we deal with.

With this latest development, I believe these hard copy versions of these books will make the training more effective than ever!

I strived to keep these devotional books short to make them as ‘bite-sized’ and usable as possible because a bigger book can be intimidating, and training is all about identifying and reducing barriers to progress. For this reason, another issue has been this; the digital version is not as conducive to writing down the practical and personal actions the reader would take to apply the training exercises. While the digital version is good for meditation, but there is something powerful about picking up a pen and recording your results on paper. It forces you to apply the steps, solidify your progress and it makes the book ‘yours’ in a very real way.

It is for this last reason that I am most excited about these new paperback versions. Not only do they look great, but also have extra space for writing in your specific notes, action steps and results. The size is perfect to keep with either your Bible or your electronic tablet, and just as portable. They are ideal for either personal use and training as well as group discussion and training. The chapters are short, but it will take a week to do the challenges and experience some results. Each week your group can both discuss the results of last week as well as introduce the topic and training focus for the next week -all within a reasonable time frame.

The e-books have been very popular, and I know that these paperback editions will be even more well-received! Get your copies today and get a few more for your friends and relatives- especially if they have already gone through Spirit Life Training.

Order below- after you click the buttons, click ‘add to cart’ on the next page.

Dimensions of Spiritual Breakthrough hardcopy version

Dimensions of Spiritual Breakthrough- hard copy


Dimensions of Mentality Breakthrough hardcopy version

Dimensions of Mentality Breakthrough -hard copy



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