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A Tale of 3 Veils

Have you ever watched the old Rocky and Bullwinkle show? That’s kind of what came to mind when I was naming this message. Each time before they started their segment, they would have two different creative titles- so if I was going to name this one, I would call it …Read More

Refreshment is Closer than you Think

Everyone is looking for shortcuts to spiritual growth, and a spiritual ‘feel-good’ experience. In light of this demand.. we have a new product available- Spirit Life Training- ‘The Sports Drink’ ! Just Kidding. But really, if such a product was really available- how many people would run out to the …Read More


In the Building a Strong Spirit chapter of the ‘Spirit Life Training’ book, I taught about the importance of praying in tongues and how unique it is as an activity to ‘build up’ the recreated spirit. Many of the exercises contained in the book deal with disciplines of the body …Read More


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