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Emotions- Catalyst for Destiny or Disaster


One aspect of Spirit Life Training that a number of people have found very helpful is the section on training the emotions. Most people have no idea how sensitive the emotions are to spiritual stimulus. They can be like leaves in the wind- whipped up by any gust of spiritual activity- negative or positive. This can be very dangerous as emotions can also take on such a life of their own, that they will often hijack the very voice of God and the Word of God in our lives!

We were never meant to let emotions take charge of our lives, but instead direct our emotions to become a powerful catalyst for bringing life and expression to God’s Word and Spirit in the earth. When we use emotions correctly- we develop endurance for the race of life, as well as the ability to maximize opportunities for breakthrough. You would be amazed how using the emotions at the crucial moment can mean the difference for a breakthrough in a key situation! If they are not dealt with though, they become hidden time-bombs in our lives. Just like on a plane, some bombs are set to explode when certain altitudes are reached. In the same way, some people have unbridled emotions underneath the surface that will cause them to self-destruct when enough pressure is put on them. Instead of overcoming and achieving a great victory, they instead come crashing down as these wrong emotions enflame wrong decisions to be made. Wrong emotional stimulus is the weapon of choice for the enemy against all believers. For this reason, to develop strong healthy emotions should be a PRIORITY for a powerful life from the Spirit of God.

This was the topic of a recent message I preached- and it really hit the target for many people. A number of people said that it was one they would have to listen to again and again just because of how it hit home… and unfortunately how easy it was to forget when the heat is on! The facts are- sometimes you only have ONE OPPORTUNITY to do the right thing in a given moment.  We must have our emotions poised and ready to stir up the gift and Spirit of God so we can maximize the good works God has called us to walk in, as well as confront and disarm the works of the enemy- possessing the promises of God no matter the heat of opposition. Emotions can be powerful!

Right now, this is only available in mp3 for 4$. If you would like it in CD format, please email us at [email protected].  To order the mp3 for direct download, please click the link below.




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