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Authority of Man’s Will in the New Creation

A few years ago, I ministered at the 2011 John G Lake Ministries international conference, and God led me to minister on a very unique topic- “The Authority of the Human Will“. You may have heard about the Believer’s Authority, and how to exercise this God given authority in Christ over sickness, demons and death, (which is awesome) but this message is a bit different. It addresses the foundational reality that God has restored freedom to the human will- and our choices can establish the Kingdom of God on earth. Sounds like a simple truth, right? But the ramifications are revolutionary and I don’t believe we fully understand how far God will partner with our Will to see His power and Kingdom realized. Some acts of God happen for the sole reason that you made a choice. Whoa…

Because of how important this message is, I decided to make my notes available in pdf form for the past few years. But recently I was impressed upon to clean them up a bit more and add more content, explanation, illustrations and exercises. I also decided to include the audio message with this new ebook release- which is really going to bless people. The audio even starts off with a bang with a few Spirit Life exercises concerning discerning and releasing your spirit in prayer.

There are three important strategies that I discuss in this ebook on how to increase the dominion of Christ through your Will, as well as reasons why it is important to do so!

It is available via amazon kindle- it is not a long read, but power packed. And don’t forget to download the mp3 audio as well. As always- we greatly appreciate it if you can leave a amazon review on how it has helped and spoke to you!

Check it out below!

Authority of mans will Kindle display


If you are interested in getting the whole CD or DVD set from the 2011 JGLM conference (highly recommended) you can call 888-293-6591.

Be Blessed!


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