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Temptation- Aiming for Glory and Training to Win Every Round


Temptation is a topic that often people shrink away from. And unfortunately it is a topic I do not hear much preached/taught on nowadays. However, it is a topic that is clearly addressed in the New Testament. A very important topic. But even though it is often seen through a negative condemning slant, there is a silver lining to every temptation- If you can see what God is doing in spite of the temptation, and what HIS plan is in the midst of it. That is when you see each temptation as an opportunity for glory, rather than defeat. When Jesus faced temptation, He faced it directly and won great victories. We can do the same. Thankfully, Jesus gave us some accurate strategies for addressing temptation and seeing it through God’s eyes.

Temptation round 2

Temptation reveals things about you, but it also reveals the enemies plans for you. This actually is good news! It shows what level he thinks you are at in life, and what the enemy thinks he knows about your life. And the truth is, he is simply playing a guessing game, and is trying to define and figure you out. He lives in darkness, and cannot comprehend the plans and grace God has for you. This is a great reason to rejoice- he is a liar, and you are greater than your situations, temptations, and his limited definitions of you. Even further good news is that God has already prepared you for that hour of temptation and has given you all the equipment you need to overcome and reveal your true nature as a son or daughter of God. Your hour of temptation is your hour to rise up!

Make no mistake about it- temptations are not designed by God, and the enemy crafts them for one purpose- to make you self-destruct. For this reason, we have to know how to recognize and navigate the temptations we face in life. Oh yes- and EVERYBODY will face them. It doesn’t matter what stage of life you are in, you will meet a temptation that will be crafted specifically against you- to take you out, to miss the destiny God wants you to experience, and to never change the lives that He wants you to change. You can’t say “I didn’t ask for these battles in life!?” This is how it is in this life– you have to either learn to overcome it the right way or get run over by it. Whether you recognize it or not is your choice, but you will deal with it in one way or another.

These Mp3 messages became two messages after the first one had so many positive reactions. It seemed like a timely word and some even said that is one of the best messages they had ever heard. (!) I truly believe this understanding will help clarify situations in peoples lives and make quality choices that will unlock freedom and destiny. In both of these messages I emphasize some practical steps to take to both overcome temptation and also to be able to take a ‘Mike-Tyson-like punch’ from temptation and still keep going in the right direction.

Happy training!

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