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Refreshment is Closer than you Think

Everyone is looking for shortcuts to spiritual growth, and a spiritual ‘feel-good’ experience. In light of this demand.. we have a new product available-

Spirit Life Training- ‘The Sports Drink’ !

Just Kidding. But really, if such a product was really available- how many people would run out to the local 7-11 and try to pick up a 6 pack?

Yep- everyone. Because it is something tangible, physical and purchasable. (sp?)

The true beauty of the Life of the Spirit of God is that it is ALREADY paid for by the blood of Christ- the finished work of the Cross, and the free gift of the Holy Spirit. We simply need to believe, receive and act on it for this refreshing life to flow. Now the tricky thing is that it is not tangible (in its source), but it is rooted in the foundational realm of the spirit, and this reality is not automatically connected to our physical senses. This is actually a very good thing, because the physical sense realm is continually subject to change, while the Spirit of God is everlasting and stable. We have a river of spiritual life within us that will never run dry!

But, there are parallels we can make here with this ‘bottled spiritual life’ concept that can help us. Let’s take a look…

1) Screw off the lid. What is a lid? It can relate to a number of things in our life.

First, it could be simple unbelief. When we have a mindset that locks us in a box of familiarity, tradition, and ‘safety’ -and the most basic form of this combination is a prison cell. This is WRONG. It is for freedom that Christ set us free! (Gal.5:1) There is no adventure, no risk, no desire to expand and believe that the clues of possibility that the Bible tells us can happen because of Christ in us. Let your mind expand to expect God’s great goodness. (Ps. 31:19) Recognize that the emotional feelings of fear, excitement and expectation are very similar sensations to each other. When you start feeling fear about stepping out to believe God for a miracle, to worry about what others might think, just call that feeling a new name! “Excitement!” “Expectation!” See how that changes things? Then let Love flood your heart, and boldness to bless others will propel you forward. (2 Tim. 1:7)

Second, it could be lack of discipline. Discipline is not a dirty word. Discipline is not a legalistic concept. Discipline is forming a structure to your life that effectively stewards the grace (ability) of God to dominate your actions. God can dump a pile of power into our life, but it is our creative privilege to form and channel it into our situations. Once you have understood how much power God has put into your life (Eph.1:18-20) (Eph. 3:20) your job is to form your life into actions that channel that power. This is why we do Spirit Life Training exercises- not to bind you up, but to streamline your life so this power can move without hindrance through your soul and body into the earth where it belongs, and is craved for. (Rom.8:19) True spiritual training is not trying to box you in, but to unleash the spiritual senses God has put within us by choice, until they truly become an instinctual response. Listen, if a person can be potty-trained physically, then there is no reason why they cannot be spiritually potty-trained to recognize spiritual sensations and hold and release properly. Our bladder and intestines do not have more importance to God than our spiritual commanded capacity to discern, heal, cast out, prophesy, prosper and bless. See how this simple mindset shift switches your determination of what belongs to you, and what you should walk in? This kind of revelation inspires our discipline to participate with our transformation.

Third, stop hanging out with weirdos. (1 Cor. 15:33) Yesssss… we love everyone, we bless those who curse, we have power to overcome evil with good. This is awesome. But I am not talking about that. I am talking about those people that you receive into your life to form you and you receive from. Nobody has fully arrived (Phil. 3:12) but some people have traditions and unbelief that they are bent on infecting your mind with. If you recognize that you are starting to consider these people’s words (traditions, emotions, unbelief) before the Spirit and Word of God, then you are allowing yourself to be screwed. (the ‘lid’ on your spirit) Get around people who lift you, who launch you, who clarify you, who spur you on to love and good works. These people who see your destiny in Christ and the way your situation can be impacted because of this, and speak words that streamline you into this. Sometimes people just want to ‘balance’ you, but you have to consider their counsel in this- does it encourage to propel you forward? or does it ‘balance you’ into intimidation and immobilization? See, it is not just the words, but the spirit that is behind the words that determines the end result. (John 6:63 Neh. 6:1-13)

What a great freedom it is that people’s opinions don’t have to validate your parking every step you take, so you continually have to walk on eggshells. The Holy Spirit, and your conscience (Rom. 9:1 Acts 24:16) is your validator. Good people will help you, and you love everyone, but people should not limit you from your potential in Christ to bless and build the Kingdom of God effectively. We crave correction only to this end. This will ALWAYS lead us to….

2) Take a deep drink! Can it be that simple? It has to be! John 7:37-39 When the Holy Spirit was poured out into our heart, He is as close as the air we breathe. Sometimes something can be so close to you, that you no longer are mindful of it. True? We simply believe and receive by faith. Mark 11:23-24 still stands true. Desire, believe, speak, receive and HAVE! This is a great principle for anything we receive from God, and expect to walk in. Imagine each of these words to the best of your ability in line with the scriptural thing you are desiring, then when you get to HAVE… just take it in your mind and heart and believe that you have that thing! It is a bit different because it is spiritual, but it will produce physical manifestations! Healing, deliverance, peace, solutions, wisdom, discernment, gifts… etc. Just try it, you will see.

3) Digest and assimilate it. Isn’t this wonderful. Do you ever worry about undigested food or drink in your stomach? “OhmygoshwhatamIgonnado to digest what I JUST ATE!” Not likely. Because the body knows what to do. In the same way, you have to have COMPLETE confidence that the Spirit and your spirit know what to do with what you just did (#2) to make that fully happen. Face it, you don’t have all the details in your mind, but you have the Spirit who created the universe living in you. (Rom.8:26-27) The Word and the Spirit work together in you (Philip.2:13) with your settled determined mind to bend the universe so that His Will and your Will bring the Word to a unique fulfillment in your situation. (Heb.10:7) It is like the parable of the seed growing – (Mark 4:26-29) it grows up and we don’t have to know all the details how, but we know what fulfillment looks like and expect that to happen!

4) Be Refreshed. The peace of God should be keeping your heart and mind in Christ Jesus. (Philip.4:6-8) We are determined, not stressed. The Spirit of God is given to you to HELP you at the moment you need it. -Let me end with a great story from Smith Wigglesworth:

Someone once approached Smith Wigglesworth and said “Brother Wigglesworth, don’t you ever take a vacation?”

“Every day,” He responded.

“What do you mean?”

“I pray in tongues daily and I get refreshed. That’s my vacation, that’s my holiday.”

Wigglesworth believed Isa 28:11-12 in how Paul said it would relate to those speaking in tongues in 1 Cor 14. It brings a refreshing, that makes the weary rest and recover strength. John 7:39 pointed to Acts 2 and what was the manifestation of this breakthrough point for this river of living water? Speaking in tongues. It is in releasing the source of life- the Holy Spirit through your spirit that brings life to and through you. Tongues is not the only way, but it is a great way.

Don’t bottle it up- release the river!


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