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Creating a Culture that Makes a Demand on the Gifts of God

Even though ‘we walk by faith, and not by sight,’ this doesn’t mean that we are completely blind. In fact, the opposite is true. We are able to see clearer than we ever have. We MUST SEE BETTER than we ever have! Jesus came to make the blind SEE- and the greatest sight for a believer to have, is the ability to see past the surface. There are gifts and abilities that God has put inside people, and we must develop the skill of being able to pull those necessary gifts out of the people around us.

Before this can happen, there must come a sort of spiritual crisis- where a demand is made in the realm of the spirit for a supply of the Spirit of God to be manifested. God has given us what we need, but a sense of ‘spiritual hunger’ is required to create a focus and a faith to draw it out of us and those around us. Philippians 1:19 says that there is a supply of the Spirit available for each of us, but we do have to learn how to draw on it.

God in His Wisdom has resourced us with hidden treasures around us. These treasures are ‘seeds’ of spiritual gifts, that will flourish and produce much fruit in the right environment. Do you know how to create this ‘culture’ of spiritual demand and growth? It truly exciting to watch amazing gifts to appear and flourish right before your eyes. Sometimes these gifts can be lifesavers, both for the minister and the recipient! A gift not stirred up will ultimately produce an inner deadness and disappointment within the believer. It is a sense of destiny that is unfulfilled. It is so important to learn how to stir up the gift(s) of God in both yourself, as well as in others.

I recently preached a message that gave some important principles and action steps that relate to stirring up the Gifts of God and more importantly, creating a culture that cultivates a consistent flow in these Gifts. This message will encourage those who have a hunger for spiritual gifts, but will also be a challenge to those church cultures that do not currently have a plan to launch the gifts of God within the believers around them.

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create a culture that makes a demand

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