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Power of the Voice

“Beloved, your soul will never demonstrate the power of God in any appreciable degree until your soul conceives and understands the real vision of the Christ of God, whereby He knew that through His union with the living God. His soul became the creative power through which He took possession of the power of God and applied it to the needs of His own soul and the needs of other lives.” “I am the resurrection, and the life.” Bless God. Lazarus was dead. The friends were weeping, but the Christ was there, bless God. Opening His soul to God in a cry of prayer, the Spirit of God so moved within Him that the consciousness of His high dominion in God so possessed Him, that He gave forth that wondrous command, “Lazarus, come forth!” And the dead obeyed the call, and the spirit that had gone on into the regions of the dead returned again, was joined to the body, and Lazarus was restored by the power of God. Blessed be His holy Name.”

John G Lake- “Strong Man’s Way to God”

In the beginning of creation, the Almighty Spirit of God hovered over the waters, but it was only when the Voice of God spoke, that things happened. When the Son of God stepped upon the scene- that same voice spoke and creation once again responded to its maker.

As New Creations in Christ, this is the same voice that lives in us. The questions are, do we recognize the power that this Voice contains, and that it is our privilege and responsibility to use? There are times in our lives that are similar to the passage above from Dr Lake, where the consciousness of the indwelling Son of God rises up in the nature and power of the Holy Spirit-when a new authority comes out of your voice and you realize that something beyond you, spoke through you, that carries the nature of God Himself.

In terms of Spirit Life Training- we want to make this be a part of our everyday life that reflects our true spiritual position rather than a brilliant but rare occurrence. In this mp3 message ‘the Power of the Voice’ I seek to bring out a key that most people miss. While it is important to get the Word of God into you, and to speak that Word, as well as to hear the voice of God, and speak what you hear from Him, what is often missing is the element of understanding HOW God says something through you!

Communication is more than words spoken, it is the way that it is said that will confirm and make the message have an impact upon the hearer. We have the capacity to be His Voice because of His Spirit that lives within us- now we just need to exercise this capacity.

This message was preached a couple of years ago, and it contains a number of simple and practical exercises that you can participate along with. The sound quality is not the best, but I believe it is clear enough that it will become a very helpful resource.

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One Response to "Power of the Voice"

  • Ron Estrada
    Sep 19, 2011 - 10:55 pm

    Greetings! Did you receive this word from the Holy Spirit?


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