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Righteousness, Effectiveness, and Fervency- Prototype Operational Principles for the New Creation

Righteousness, Effectiveness, and Fervency- Prototype Operational principles of the New Creation


James 5:16 says that the Fervent, Effectual Prayer of a Righteous Man is Powerful. James goes on to detail that this type of man should not be unusual, even though the great prophet Elijah from the Old Covenant is the prototype for this. Elijah is said to be a man with a nature like ours, except with one big difference- he was not a New Creation in Christ Jesus -and we who believe are!

This message goes through these prototype characteristics that James said Elijah walked in and places them in the light of our redemption. We must understand these prototype operational principles in order to have a lifestyle that will impact generations like this man did.

This message definitely deals with prayer, but much more than that- it deals with the core of the person who prays powerful prayers.

I also believe this will be one of the first times you get to hear someone preaching while swinging a 12 lb sledgehammer!

Righteousness, Effectiveness, Fervency- Prototype Operational Principles of the New Creation (mp3 download)
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