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Process of Truth in a BreakThrough Believer

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Every person starts with the same Bible, same God, same promises, and same potential for fulfilling destiny. The struggle is how to take these raw ingredients and put them together to cause transformation in a life. The tools by which we do that is the Truths of God. Each truth of God is like a computer program, and each one of us has the ‘operating system’ of our life by which we put those truths into action. Have you ever been frustrated by a computer program that you wanted to use, and in the middle of of accomplishing something it freezes up on you or shuts down? How well a program functions depends on the processing speed of the computer as well as how effectively the program is designed.

God has designed truth to be fulfilled- it is perfectly designed and it will prosper in the earth. But like the parable of the sower that Jesus told in Matthew 13:1-23, how the person responds to that truth is the determining factor how it will prosper in their life! Jesus even said in Mark 4:13 that understanding how this process works would be the key to understanding anything else He says!

This understanding will be an amazing tool as it breaks down the process of truth through a persons life in a freeze-frame style. It will give a clear picture of what stage a person is at with a particular truth, and what potential roadblocks are in their way. If you are a five-fold minister (Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, Teacher) this understanding will also give insight to why your messages might not change people’s lives as they should.

This 55 minute message will show the progress from each of these stages:

1 ) Reception of Truth
2 )
Perception of Truth
3 ) Revelation of Truth
4 ) Resolution of Truth
5 ) Conclusion of Truth
6 ) Confirmation of Truth
7 ) Commitment to Truth
8 ) Application of Truth
9 ) Assimilation of Truth
10 ) Transformation and Conviction of Truth
11 ) Revolution of Truth
12 ) Impartation of Truth

This process will show how it was possible for the Word to grow mightily and prevail in the book of Acts (Acts19:20).

What a day it will be, when God can speak any truth into a person’s life, and it automatically drives itself into fulfillment in the earth.

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