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About Spirit Life Training

“…And exercise yourself rather to godliness. For bodily exercise profits a little, but godliness is profitable for all things, having promise of the life that now is and of that which is to come…”

-1 Timothy 4:7-8

What is Spirit Life Training?

Spirit Life Training is a revolutionary ‘work-out program’ for someone to release the life and power that God has put inside each believer. This book contains practical exercises that will biblically strengthen and align the body, emotions, memory, intellect, imagination and the will, so that the recreated spirit-man can fully rise and express the Life of Christ as God has always intended. Everything a believer needs to overcome in this life has already been given in seed form at the point of salvation. Spirit Life Training is the process of discovering, building, training and releasing it.

If You Knew What God Has Put Within You

You Would Train It To Become Your Greatest Asset

We are in a time where the individual believer is being empowered like never before. Each believer is starting to realize their own personal potential and responsibility to rise up and see the life and power of God flow through them. It is a modern day reformation where the laity is rising up- in the first major reformation the Bible was put back into the common people’s language. Now, in this time, the Spirit of God is also being put back into the common people’s language and practice. What sets this book apart, is the comprehensive practicality that it contains to accomplish this goal. It will really put the pieces together like no other book has yet done. It is Biblically sound, but its emphasis is upon the practical strategies that we all crave.

The strategies outlined in Spirit Life Training work worldwide. No matter what your personality may seem to be or the situation you are currently facing- you can train your spirit to rise up, discern, heal, take dominion, release peace and blast through opposition in life- and be the champion God wants you to be!

You will be trained to:
  • Discipline your body to release God’s Presence
  • Cut off temptation and break the enemy’s strongholds
  • Stop emotions from dominating your decisions
  • Use your memory as a catalyst for faith and courage in an instant
  • Teleport yourself into God’s will through your imagination
  • Bulldoze through difficult decisions through the power of your Will
  • Feel the energy of your spirit when you feed it what it needs
  • Position yourself to unlock, build and release your spirit for miracles
  • Develop your relationship with the Holy Spirit

…and much more! This new version includes a Study Guide section at the end of each chapter, along with more exercises to help you put what you learned into action in your everyday life. Contains Endorsements by Roberts Liardon, Dr Jeremy Lopez, Ryan Rhoades, and forwarded by Curry Blake -General Overseer of John G. Lake Ministries.

With a strong teaching gift, Timothy Jorgensen ministers internationally with a passion to raise up breakthrough believers of all ages and backgrounds. He is a graduate of Spirit Life Bible College in California, and School of the Prophets in Malaysia, and holds ordination through John G. Lake Ministries. He enjoys ministering along with his lovely wife Rina- they currently reside in Madison, Wisconsin.



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One Response to "About Spirit Life Training"

  • Matt
    Jan 23, 2014 - 9:43 am

    I first had a copy of Spirit Life Training in 2011. It has since became a personal reference manual for training my inner man. Timothy had brilliantly put together into print the kind of message that I would carry throughout the ministry that Jesus has placed upon my own life. There’s a body of saints that God is calling to release the mighty flow of His glory that’s already within every way they are led to go, yet there is also a great need for heaven to raise someone who can specifically show the know-hows for such supernatural release in this time and hour. No one having the passion to minister the manifest Presence of Jesus should be without this gemstone of a book.


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