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Building in the Spirit

In the Building a Strong Spirit chapter of the ‘Spirit Life Training’ book, I taught about the importance of praying in tongues and how unique it is as an activity to ‘build up’ the recreated spirit. Many of the exercises contained in the book deal with disciplines of the body and mind to train them to line up with what God has done and is doing within the spirit.

Praying in tongues however, is an amazing tool God has given us! It is the one tool that works from the inside out to release, reveal as well as strengthen the spirit. The book tells of some great keys of how to both begin and strengthen this part of your spiritual life. There is also some instruction on interpreting what you are praying in tongues in order to edify your mind with the spirit content that has been released.

I was privileged to attend my first School of the Prophets in Malaysia with Dr. Jonathan David approximately 10 years ago. I had seen that the training received there seemed to accelerate spiritual maturity along with activating a unique prophetic and apostolic grace over peoples lives. I had seen young men and women who were newly saved, become groomed for pastoral leadership within 5 years. I saw 14 year olds speaking the word of the Lord with boldness concerning concepts I knew full well their minds could not fully grasp. But YET- even before they could fully understand what their mouths were declaring… they were LIVING it. I was blown away because normally, it happens the other way around. People hear a truth… ponder it…. think about obeying… test it out… wonder some more… Leadership begs and pleads for them to walk in obedience… and it ends up being a lengthy process. I understood this because I believed that was due to the process of mind renewal. It is why the apostles continually urged leadership to ‘teach, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and doctrine.’ But I saw this phenomena and I wondered… HOW is this process being accelerated like this in these people? It happened before my eyes and I couldn’t deny it. I found out that it was through what was taught and imparted in Dr Jonathan’s School of the Prophets. One of the important components of the training was ‘Building in the Spirit’. On a wider scale. it was positioned as an important dynamic to building the local governing church, and Dr Jonathan communicated these Building in the Spirit exercises that ‘rev up’ the spiritual activity in the lives of believers through praying in tongues. These exercises created dynamics that made the things of God easier to be activated and LIVED as it was the Spirit of God doing an effective work from the inside out in the lives of these believers.

I knew praying in tongues was powerful before, but now it was presented in such a way where I could understand and participate even better with the Spirit’s activity within myself- and how skillful and consistent use of this gift was a powerful key of the Holy Spirit for maturing believers!

Over the last 10 years I took these exercises and used them in my own life as well as fine-tuning them through what I had gained from other great men and women of God. One night we recorded an opportunity to train the Wednesday night prayer team at our local church in 4 of these Building in the Spirit exercises. (I think I was more excited for these messages than any other message I had ministered on there!) The response was dynamic. People love finding out how to use what God has given them! I find that very few of the five-fold ministers will take the time to go through this training with people, and people end up fumbling and stumbling trying to use tongues effectively… and yet it seems to be expected in spirit-filled prayer meetings that everyone knows how to ‘flow’ in the spirit. People want to learn… but many times desire (and need) to be trained in a safe setting.

This 2-CD set goes through these spirit-building exercises:

  • –> ‘Developing Your Mind as an Architect for Spirit Construction’
  • –> ‘Developing Tongues until it Becomes a Proper Language’
  • –> ‘Developing Tongues until it Becomes a Spiritual Force’
  • –> ‘How Tongues Can Become an Indicator of the Spiritual Environment’

These exercises are not exhaustive, but even these few will be a great supplement if you are hungering to go to another level in how to connect your mind to your spirit, and how your tongues can more fully express and connect you with what the Spirit of God is doing. Also, to help you participate with the training better, there is a worksheet included (pdf document that can be printed).



If you are interested in ordering this CD set, please click the button link.



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