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Getting Back to “the Core”

This summer I ministered on a topic that I think will minister to a lot of people. You see, my spirit was provoked a bit by things I have been seeing in the media, and society, and the reactions of Christians to these events.  One of the key components of Spirit Life Training is to ‘put your spirit first’. So in doing this, it is important not to look at things through the eyes of the flesh or the soul, but through the eyes of the Holy Spirit. How does He see things? How would He react? Would He get freaked out? What would He do? What would He believe about the situation?

That kind of viewpoint really makes a difference. It gets a person out of fear, worry, confusion, shock and unbelief, and rather, it gets them into an attitude of faith, creativity, resolve and redemption.

However, the only way a person can get into that kind of mindset is through understanding the Core of the gospel message.  When someone disconnects from the foundational Core of the Gospel message, it always will eventually give way to attitudes of worry, defeat, fear, and discouragement.  The Core is so powerful, and we must always endeavor to keep our souls anchored upon this truth.

I want to make this message available to anyone who would like to download it. I really believe it will cause a healthy evaluation of a person’s core belief system. “How strong is your gospel core?”  I am not talking about a self-righteous sense of morality- (many people seem to confuse this), but I am talking about the life-changing power of the redemption of Jesus Christ.  Everything has to be filtered and evaluated by this Core- it changes everything.

Make sure to download and listen to it, and I pray it impacts your life with great results.


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