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0 ‘Using Dreams to Renew the Mind’ e-book

I am pretty excited about this new mini e-book that I am now making available called ‘Using Dreams to Renew the Mind’.  We spend approximately one-third of our lives asleep, without fully realizing or believing that God wants to be involved with this portion of our bodily rest through our dreams.

In Spirit Life Training, I endeavored to give you an understanding of the tools God gave you in your body and soul, and how they can be aligned and tuned to be able to release the spirit God gave you, which is the real you. It is the treasure that most people keep buried, but that God wants to display its glory and power that He has restored to it through such a great salvation through Christ.

Using Dreams to Renew the Mind

In this new e-book, I took some time to explain how dreams are another tool from God to reveal the subconscious, and how to deal with these deeper parts of you. Dreams are also a vehicle that God will use to bring gifts and information to you. When your spirit is connected to God, there can be a constant downloading of resources for whatever you need to live out your destiny. Both old and new testaments give many stories of how dreams were used in people’s lives to guide, warn and bless others. The question is, when we get these downloads during our sleep, do we know how to interact with these dreams correctly? And are all dreams from God?

Too many times dream books and teachings get pretty spooky and mysterious. I don’t want to give the impression that every dream is filled with fantastical symbolism, or on the other hand that every dream is easy to understand what is clearly happening. What this mini e-book will do however, is basically walk you through four types of dream categories, and encourage you how to use each dream to renew your mind, sharpen your spirit, and leverage yourself in your circumstances.

If you have already read Spirit Life Training this mini e-book will further help you use your training in this arena of dreams, and make them your tool to further your destiny.

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