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"Tim does a great job of detailing and defining the relationship and the cooperation of The Holy Spirit with our human spirit. I believe in the book so much that not only do we carry the book on our website store page, I have also made the book mandatory reading for all John G. Lake Ministries leadership and personnel. The study of the relationship of The Holy Spirit and our human spirit is quite possibly the most important and at the same time most neglected area in Christianity. Tim brings a fresh understanding along with practical ways in which we can develop this most vital relationship. We, (John G. Lake Ministries), are proud to have Tim as a part of our ministry. We look forward with anticipation for each new book Tim writes."

Curry Blake, General Overseer of John G. Lake Ministries

"Tim Jorgensen's latest book, Spirit Life Training, reveals vital truths that will help you develop your spiritual life- a life that will be able to take any task God ask of you with confidence. He has proven these truths in his own life and knows how they work. When you read this powerful book, you will discover step by step teaching that will help anyone develop a strong spirit among many other scriptural based instructions to live a life of spiritual achievement."

Roberts Liardon, Roberts Liardon Ministries

"Tim Jorgensen is a true man of God. He knows how to bring the gospel in a way anyone can understand it. He has the heart of David and the love of Jesus to see the word of God spread to the uttermost parts of the world. He has a lot of wisdom like the Bereans and it shows in this book. I highly recommend Tim Jorgensen."

Dr. Jeremy Lopez, Founder and President -Identity Network International

"Tim Jorgensen has been extremely instrumental in helping to shape my understanding of walking in the dominion of the spirit and not in the weakness of the flesh. "Spirit Life Training" is a very practical and powerful manual for how to overcome the battles that the enemy throws at every Christian. Tim has compiled years of wisdom into an easy-to-understand guide for those who are fed up with powerless, defeated, 'religious' Christianity. He provides believers, new and old alike, with weapons to walk in the fullness of the victorious life that Christ offers all those who will man-up and go after living as the conquerors that He has made us to be."

Ryan J. Rhoades, Revival or Riots Ministries


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